Global statistics on social media research report 2022

Our collection of the most recent statistics on social media for consumers’ use and adoption of social media platforms

Social media has revolutionized marketing, and as this article demonstrates that their appeal is increasing in our most recent global research report for 2022.

Networks are popular according to different demographics, and they’re constantly evolving. The research conducted done by Global WebIndex that we reference in this article indicates that, globally,

58.4 percent of the world’s population utilizes social media. The average usage per day of 2 hours 27 mins (January 2022).

This post will be updated through 2022 when the most recent data are released, based on our top 10 recommended online marketing stats sources. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information on the rise of social media, compiled by Global Web Index (worldwide), Pew Internet Surveys (US) and OfCom (UK) as well as lastly, the Datareportal January 2022 overview of the world.

This article will use the most recent reports to our answers to seven key areas that are crucial to understand the consumer usage of social media:

Q1. What is the general popularity of the social networks when compared to the internet’s global use?

Q2. Which are the most-loved social networks based on the demographics (age as well as gender)?

Q3. Which are the most rapidly-growing social networks?

Q4. What is the way that social users interact with brands when they are choosing items and products?

Q5. What are the various engagement metrics that are based on the consumer’s behaviour when they use social media?

Q6. What are the ways that consumers interact with different formats of posts on social media?

Q7. Which are the times that have been most popular for users to utilize social media? What are the most effective times to post?

Q1. What is the general popularity of the social networks when compared to the internet’s global use?

Datareportal frequently updates its huge global database of social media data that provides some amazing insight on the social world. It’s an excellent download to include slides in your presentation. It’s interesting to see how certain countries differ in regards to social media usage, and it’s a bit surprising the fact that Western Countries are lagging a quite a bit behind in their use rates.

The most important takeaways from their January 2022 global review are:

Over half the world utilizes social media (58.4 percent)

4.62 billion people across the globe are now using social media.

New users of 424 million have joined the internet in the past 12 months

The average time per day spent on social media is 2h 27m.

The complete report from Datareportal includes a wealth of information gathered from various data sources across more than 200 slides. The report provides data specific to countries for the majority of the globe and you may want to look over the slides for the countries that are part of your core market to gain a better understanding of the current situation of social media in the regions you work. In this article we will focus on social media information that starts on slide 78 of the report.

This graph, created by Datareportal summarizes the significance and growing popularity of social media.

Social media use Overview 2022

A brief overview of social media users from around the globe

When you are comparing the most well-known social media platforms, it is best to examine them based on the amount of active accounts, not only the number of users.

This chart displays the number of Internet users, showing that although 61.8 percent of the world’s population is online users 4.2 percent aren’t active users of social media and suggests potential for growth in the future.

Digital media all over the world 2022

Analysis of the 2022 regional usage of social media reveals the vast variation in active social media usage, which is 69 percent across Eastern Asia, 82% in North America, 79% in Southern America and 85 and 84 percent within Northern as well as Western Europe respectively. The figure is 45 percent for Southern Asia, 16% in Western Africa and 8% in Middle Africa.

Social media users vs population

Pandemic marketing update

In addition to the business routine questions, an additional report from Datareportal on July 20, 2020, analyzes the changes in social media use at the start period of COVID-19’s lockdown period. There is a significant rise in digital and online activities.

The rise in online activities

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Q2. Which are the most popular social media platforms according to the demographics (age as well as gender)?

The most reliable source for most well-known social media platforms data is directly from earnings announcements and statements of the company.

This collection highlights the importance of messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. The compilation also draws attention to the fast expansion of Tiktok to become one of the most popular social platforms.

The most popular social media platforms in 2022

It is worth noting that Reddit isn’t talked about as often as Twitter has more active monthly members that Twitter as well as Quora. It has increased its advertising offerings in recent times and is a good choice in reaching out to audiences and discussing games, for instance.

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Global Facebook demographics

As it’s still the most popular I’ll present the Facebook demographics from the report of Sprout Social Media for 2022. However, you can find the breakdown of every channel, and much more, within the study.

We can see from Facebook data, the largest segment of users on Facebook is males between the ages of 25 and 34. Females too, this age group is the biggest users.

Facebook demographics

United States Social network popularity

The Pew Research Center’s news usage research is a dependable recent source of information that shows US social media statistics patterns in news usage. It is interesting to note that the percentage of people who frequently receive news via social media has decreased by 2021 but more than half of the people surveyed utilize social media to obtain news frequently or occasionally.

News Consumption Research 2022

The more interesting thing is that

The breakdown of statistics below shows the social media platforms that are utilized by what genders age, educational level as well as race and political affiliations. For instance, Facebook is a regular source of news for nearly twice the number of females compared to males. About two-thirds of Snapchat’s users who regularly consume news are between the ages of 18 and 29.

Politics and demographics of social media new trends in consumption

In 2021, the Children and Parents Media use and attitudes report released in the UK by OfCom (UK) can be an interesting read for businesses that are engaged in marketing for youth or children markets or if you wish to know the future use for social networks. In addition, 44% of children aged 8-11 years old use social media sites and apps, rapidly growing to 87% of 12-15 year olds.

Here’s a look at one of the age groups that are featured.

Social media use by children

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Q3. Which are the fastest-growing social media networks?

Each marketer is limited in time to spend on marketing on social media, so which of the fastest-growing social networks should you concentrate your efforts on?

Through the ‘Rise of social media’ interactive tool of «Our World in Data» you can track the development of the major social networks:

Q4. What is the way that social users interact with brands when they are choosing items and products?

One of the issues with advertising on social media is the fact that, by its very nature, social media are peer-to-peerand involve conversations between family members, friends and even colleagues. Because of this, companies must be aware of the way they utilize social media.

The study conducted by GlobalWebIndex in their 2021 social media trends report reveals the reasons why users utilize different social media platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit and Twitter users all have a ‘follow/find information on brands or products’ as their top three motivations.

Social media channel usage breakdown

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Q5. Which are your benchmarks used for different engagement rates across platforms?

Between October and December 2020 Digital users were spending an average of two hours and twenty-two minutes a day on social media and messaging apps , according to Global Web Index. It was a slight decline in YOY, a trend that started in 2018, but was disrupted due to the Pandemic.

Latin America scored the highest use of social media in 2020. The peak of which, during the outbreak was a daily mean of 3 hours and 38 minutes using social networks.

The time spent using social media worldwide

GWI says that the increase of social media usage is largely due to multi-networking, which is an answer to the increasing selection of platforms and is due to the degree of specialization which means that some users are turning to specific platforms to carry specific types of social media actions, such as Twitch, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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Social network engagement

Social media stats tools for benchmarking Rival IQ provides these helpful sector-by-sector benchmarks for social media engagement metrics , including:

Posts per day

Posts per week

Engagement rate

Top hashtags based on engagement rate

They also provide useful benchmarks that you can use for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that you can use to compare. Here’s a small sample of their report for 2021.

Facebook engagement rates

On Facebook every post has engagement rates of less than 0.2 percent. Most businesses typically have less than two posts each day.

Facebook posts vs. engagement

Instagram engagement rates

Engagement rates are much more high on Instagram when compared to Facebook however, there are likely to be less posts posted per day.

As one would expect, the fashion industry has one high engagement levels as well as posts are posted on a regular basis.

Instagram posts vs. engagement

The social media metrics covered in this report include Alcohol, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty and higher Ed, Home Decor, Hotels & Resorts, Influencers, Media, Nonprofits, Retail and Sports Teams.

Q6. What are the ways that consumers interact with different formats of posts on social media?

Marketers are aware that the appropriate type of videos and images are more efficient in generating engagement.

This is confirmed by the observed interactions. Based on LinkedIn, Images typically result in a two-fold higher comments and Video receives 5x more engagement through LinkedIn, Live Video gets 24 times more.

This is further supported by the data in this Social Bakers social media trends report:

Facebook Instagram interactions via post type

Videos that last longer than one minute had the highest average interactions as well as

Median reach median reach Facebook per Socialbakers data.

In 2020, the median will be for extremely long videos (longer than 5 minutes)

It was about 9,700, which was 44.8 percent more than the length of videos.

In actual fact in both reach and interactions, there was a correlation which showed

the longer a video longer, the more it grew and the more interactions it generated.


Socialbakers’ video metrics for length are extremely short (less than 11.882

seconds) seconds) (more than 11.882 and less than 24.362 seconds), medium

(more than 24.362 and less than 61.248 seconds) (more than 24.362 seconds) (more than 61.248

seconds, and less then five minutes) and extremely long (more than five minutes), and very short (more


Video length interactions as well as reach via social media

Q7. Which are the times that have been most popular for users to utilize social media? What are the most effective times to post?

The testing of different frequency of updates and times is another element of optimizing social media based on the behavior of consumers.

Each social network has an’sweet spot’ of frequency, based on their algorithm. It was once beneficial to update multiple times per every day to Facebook for a variety of companies, however with a decrease in organic reach, one update is more efficient. A higher regularity of updates on LinkedIn or Twitter is more efficient.

The 2022 strategy for social media builder reveals the most effective times to post to social networks. Check these against your own patterns of posting, and think about how you can post differently.

Each social network has an ‘optimum’ frequency, based on their algorithm as well as the most popular times for user use. It was once beneficial to update multiple times per every day to Facebook for a variety of companies, however with a decrease in organic reach, one update is more efficient.

A higher rate of posting of posts on LinkedIn or Twitter is more efficient. The data from Instagram and Facebook indicate an obvious preference for midweek, which means you must consider this when planning your updates for posts.

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