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Here’s How to Download Twitter Videos To Your Smartphone

Twitter is a wildly popular social media platform that has more than 211 million active daily users, according to Statista. Users can share a myriad of material on the platform such as thoughts and views to photos, news articles and even videos.

Active users will likely encounter content they are interested in and might even wish to keep for later reference. When this content is an audio or video, the initial instinct may be to download the video via Inflact toolkit and return to it later. However downloading a Twitter video isn’t as simple as right-clicking and selecting a download option.

Why Twitter users can’t access videos through Twitter itself is due to its copyright laws, which are outlined in the rules and regulations of the company. But, there is a way to download Twitter videos onto your mobile or even onto your computer if you wish to do so. The process is free, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

How to download Twitter videos on iPhone or iPad

The first step to download Twitter videos to your iPhone is to find an app that allows users to do this. One method that you can use is to use the app created by Apple called Shortcuts by Apple. To download it, visit the App Store on your phone and look for «Shortcuts made by Apple.»

The app is completely free and should install in a matter of seconds. After installing, visit the settings on your iPhone or iPad’s settings. Scroll to the Shortcuts settings in the app, click in, and toggle «Allow untrusted Shortcuts» until it’s set in»ON» «on» place. Please note that if you’re running iOS 15 or later, this trick won’t work quite so smoothly, however, you’re still able to try it!

At this point it’s also important to note that any action you take outside of the official Apple app store is taken on your own initiative, and at your own risk. If the words «Untrusted» isn’t enough to deter you, there’s a good chance you’re aware that you’re about take actions that could be unsafe for your phone or be in violation that are permitted by law.

Once you’ve granted «Untrusted» Shortcuts to be used, click this iCloud link to install the unofficial 3rd-party developed «Twitter Video Downloader.»

Open the Shortcuts app. It’s time to download Twitter videos onto either your iPhone as well as iPad. Here’s the procedure:

Click «Get Shortcut.»

After having read through the steps Scroll down, then click «Add an Untrusted Shortcut.»

Launch the Twitter application for your iPhone or iPad and open the Twitter video that you would like to download.

Click the «Share» button, then select the Twitter Video Downloader.

This will prompt the Shortcuts application to open. It will ask you if you want to transfer the movie in low, medium, or high quality. The greater the quality, the more time it will take to download as well as the larger space it will consume in your iPhone or iPad’s memory. Once the download is completed, you’ll see the video in your Photos app.

If the Shortcuts setup outlined above doesn’t work, you’ll want to head down to the «how how to transfer Twitter videos to on your PC» to see a few websites that should work the same using your iPhone as well as your iPad.

How do I download Twitter videos on Android

You can download Twitter videos on Android is even easier than using iOS. This is because there is an app store for Android. Android app store offers an app designed specifically for the purpose. It has only one function only, created by a group dubbed «Photo and Video app.» The application is known as Download Twitter Videos, and despite its simple appearance, it gets the job accomplished.

After installation, the next step is to change the download settings inside the Download Twitter videos app. You can choose to download the video in either high- or low-quality formats. Select the one you prefer to download, and this will be used every when you download an Tweet video (unless you modify the preferences).

After that, quit the app and launch Twitter. Find the Tweet that includes the video that you want to download. Tap the «Share» button and select «Copy link to Tweet.»

Then, exit Twitter and then open then the Download Twitter videos App. Enter the URL in the text input box. It will then download and save to a library inside the app. After that, you are able to continue to store your video inside the app, or transfer the video to the phone’s local storage or upload to the cloud storage service of your choice.

How do you download Twitter videos to your computer

On your computer, there’s no requirement to install any application to download an Twitter video. Copy the URL link to the tweet that you’d like to download. Then, head over to SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader. Both sites are completely free to use and the whole process typically takes just a few minutes.

On either site, paste your link into the text box. Select «download.» Then you will be offered the option to download the tweet in different formats. On SaveTweetVid the formats available are 270pand 360p or 720p. Choose the format you want to use and download the video to your PC.

The video should download to whatever folder your computer settings note files to be downloaded to. Remember that this may be the desktop, so if you don’t see the movie in your downloads folder or somewhere else, look there.

Additional methods to download Twitter videos

Most of the time, the videos posted to Twitter are uploaded from external sources, such as YouTube as opposed to being an original video created by users and posted on an account owned by its creator. In this situation, you have another option to download. SmoothVideo Project (SVP) is an application that can be installed to PC, Mac, Android and Linux operating systems. Its main function is adjusting video framerates. The software package SVP offers, you’ll find a YouTube downloader called SVPTube that is able to work with ease.

To utilize SVP, select the proper version based on your OS. For Mac, PC as well as Android clients, SVP is priced at $19.99 for lifetime use. Its Linux software is naturally cost-free. Install the software and after that, all you need to do is copy and paste your YouTube URL in SVP. It will convert to a higher frame rate, should you prefer, or ask for you to download your file in a variety of sizes.

In addition to SVP and other download alternatives mentioned above There are many websites that allow you to download Twitter videos. In the moment of the publication of this article services still available include: SSSTwitter, Twitter Video Downloader Online, as well as Twitter Video Download.

An important note, as it is with each of the other apps and websites mentioned in this article, these services are not associated with or endorsed or endorsed by Twitter or any specific operating system, and therefore may be pulled down at any time without notification (in other words, use on your own responsibility).


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