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These are the 20 most Well-liked Instagram Hashtags

I am aware of this In this entire article, I’ve discouraged you from making use of the «popular» hashtags. Why? Being a standout in a congested area can cause you to be invisible. Instead of focusing on popular hashtags, the most effective way to ensure success with hashtags is to identify specific hashtags that are well-liked by your extremely specific intended audience.

Why are we reviewing the most-popular Instagram hashtags right now? Just that I’m advising you against using these hashtags doesn’t mean that you can’t get inspiration from these hashtags. For example, consider #love as an example. What if you created hashtags about love which incorporates your brand. The hashtag #WordstreamLove is pretty appealing to me!

Let’s take #instagood as an example. If you own a brand new restaurant, then this hashtag might not be more appropriate. So why not give it some localization to showcase your delicious local cuisine? Take a look at the hashtag #instagood vs. #instagoodboston. The hashtag #instagood boasts 979,097,201 posts.

The hashtag #instagoodboston has only 389 posts, which are exclusively restaurant or food related. It is evident that people who follow the hashtag are enthusiastic about trying new restaurants in their cities!

Without further delay Here are the top 20 most-popular Instagram hashtags:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #me
  4. #tbt
  5. #cute
  6. #follow
  7. #followme
  8. #photooftheday
  9. #happy
  10. #tagforlikes
  11. #beautiful
  12. #self
  13. #girl
  14. #picoftheday
  15. #like4like
  16. #smile
  17. #friends
  18. #fun
  19. #like
  20. #fashion

Remember that the best way to utilize hashtags is to inspire yourself, not to fill them with hashtags.

Utilize Tools to analyze Your Hashtag’s Performance

If you’re now an expert at hashtagging It’s time to determine whether your skills have succeeded in achieving your objectives. This is the time to discuss report.

There are plenty of tools to help make this aspect of the process simple to help you improve your hashtagging skills in time. Let’s look at some of our top picks!

1. Instagram Insights

This is among my favorite tools because it’s not an entirely new application. It’s just insights offered by Instagram which is why it’s free, yay! The Insights contain the data you require in»Instagram Insights» tab «Instagram Insights» tab around activities, content, and your followers.

If you want to find out the impact of your hashtags on individual posts, you can look into the impressions of that post to determine how many of them were derived from hashtags in relation to profile, home, and other hashtags.

The best part is that all of this information, which is free, is accessible right from the Instagram account you have created. Instagram account.

2. Sprout Social

If you’re looking to gain more information about individual hashtag performance, it could be worthwhile to invest in a different reporting tool that delve into the specifics, such as Sprout Social. This powerful social reporting tool can help you create Instagram Hashtag Performance Reports to perform a range of tasks such as:

  • Check out your most popular Instagram hashtags with those which get the most attention.
  • Check out how hashtags branded by the brand perform in comparison to other hashtags.
  • Utilize their hashtag feature to create campaign-specific hashtag reports.

3. Iconosquare

If you’re in search of an extremely compact Instagram management tool, Iconosquare may just be the ideal tool for you. Although the cost is higher, there’s a lot you can do with scheduling posts for social media, tracking responses to commenters, and accessing extremely detailed analysis all in one place.

In terms of the tracking of hashtags, this software offers extremely sophisticated data analytically regarding hashtag engagement and whether or not specific hashtags contribute to the growth of a brand or campaign.

There are plenty of other tools for social media out available that will assist you in tracking hashtags, which is certainly a crucial part of your Instagram strategy for hashtags that must not be ignored.

Now you’re an Instagram hashtag master!

Woo! It was quite a bit. You should now be well-equipped to go out into the world and take on Instagram hashtagging to achieve your goals in business. We’re eager to see how you can take your hashtag game to the next level! More on BigBangram!


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